The Multiversal Spring

When divining the future, there are certain things that must be considered. First, the images that present themselves are autonomous and of the Multiverse and because of this fact, they are illimitable. They are not merely the small sum of finite human experience and to think in this way is to be foolishly unarmed. Secondly, objectivity is paramount when interpreting the future and this can only be attained by remaining open to other perceptions.

Although all of the writing you will find on this page was written by my hand, I am not the sole creator. Instead, I am merely a perceptive scribe, translating the independent frequencies that present themselves to me. If this is honoured, each of us can transcribe literary experience from the Multiverse, but only if we can remain open to this divine source. Instead of needing to be the only creator, we can channel this Universal wellspring and wait for it to reveal its secrets.

I will endeavour to present perceptions I have made that I feel are worth your time.


One Response to “The Multiversal Spring”

  1. scribblespectre Says:

    It seems the favours that you grant me are not yet at an end, my lady of sorrows.
    Before I ask it of you, it falls to me to thank you for your recent tenderness and lodgings. There are things concerning our recent meetings that I cannot reveal on to public a journal, just know that your kindness has not been forgotten and shall be repaid once i return from abroad.
    It seems support for our cause is growing. There are other individuals out there with a bitter taste in their mouths that are ready to scratch their names into the flesh of the world along with us.
    I know you have always been the more peaceable of the two of us but I believe the hour approaches.

    Keep writing.
    Keep reading the cards.
    Keep watching the roads.

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